Alex-  Alex helps host Music Talk, and he also writes a lot.  That’s pretty cool.  He hopes you enjoy your stay here, or write a bunch of angry comments using as many derogatory terms as possible.  That would definitely indicate that we have ‘made it’.  Oh, in an almost hypocritical fashion he also makes his own music.  You can listen to it here.  It’s mostly bullshit.

Ryan- Colloquially known as Riff N Ryan. He has written about and reviewed hundreds of albums and movies. Follow him on IG @Riff_N_Ryan.

TeAngelo- TeAngelo is a man of strong opinions, and outrageous hype.  He will gladly fight you to the death about your opinions.  Body count: unknown.

Kris- An old man trapped in a youth’s body, Kris is an expert in anything pre-1980.  A real wunderkind when it comes to prog and jazz, Kris isn’t afraid to challenge you on obscure German releases from 1972.

Kelsey– Bad-ass children’s Librarian that reviews kids music so you don’t have to listen to garbage versions of row row your boat.  Check out her website

Corey– Part time writer and part time podcaster.  Check out his website.

Luke–  Luke isn’t real, but you should believe in Luke.  Trust the Luke.  Accept the Luke into your being.  Otherwise your website will definitely crash.  Oh praise Based Luke